Often, I will have a dream and think, “Oh! I need to paint that!” But, the trouble is, the complexity it does not allow me to yet transcribe it into paintings since I am still somewhat of an amateur. My first daydream-come-to-life-via-painting happened last year listening to a sermon during church. The sermon was really engaging. And, it made me began to wonder. How do I depict God listening to me and conversing with me? How does one show such a thing? I imagined me as a little girl–and God as a lion (thanks C.S. Lewis for articulating this in Narnia from the long tradition within Christendom). Instead of God roaring or measuring me or deigning to my smallness to require some difficult task of me He visited me as a friend and conversed with me as friends do–over tea. And, I sat calmly and relaxed as though I was in the presence of my perfect Father. I tried to depict this in the painting below. I am grateful to God for imagination and that it allowed me to embody such a complex idea into one visual understanding.